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Sheep and goat dung recycle organic fertilizer production line for sale

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Sheep and goat dung recycle organic fertilizer production line for sale

Brand Name : Tongda

Model Number : TDDGL

Certification : CE,ISO9001

Place of Origin : Henan,China

MOQ : 1

Price : US$13300-US$33000/set

Supply Ability : 100 sets/month

Delivery Time : 10-60 days

Packaging Details : Accoding to customer's requirement

Product Type : Cosmetic

Condition : New

Machine Type : Granulator

Output (kg/h) : 5000

Video outgoing-inspection : Provided

Machinery Test Report : Provided

Warranty of core components : 1 Year

Core Components : Engine, Bearing, Gearbox

Voltage : 220V/380V

Power (kW) : 150

Dimension(L*W*H) : 900*500*1000cm

Weight (KG) : 15000

Warranty : 1 Year

Applicable Industries : Manufacturing Plant, Organic fertilizer production equipment

Color : Customer's Request

Function : Produce NPK Fertilizer Pellet

Working method : Roller Granulating Dry Powder

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Sheep and goat dung recycle organic fertilizer production line for sale

Product Description
Organic waste to fertilizer production line uses the organic waste as the raw material, such as organic waste, straw, excrement from people, livestock and poultry, cake meal, agricultural and sideline products, then it is fermented, deodorized and thoroughly decomposed to be made fertilizer.
Applicable raw materials:
1.Agricultural waste: rice straw, rice bran, and so on.
2.Animal manure: chicken manure, pigs, cattle, sheep dung, etc.
3.Industrial waste: distiller's grains, sugar residue and so on.
4.Domestic waste: kitchen waste, vegetable market and slaughterhouse waste.
5.Municipal sludge: River silt, sewage sludge, etc.
After safe treatment and fermentation, these raw materials are made into organic fertilizer. Therefore, organic fertilizers contain a variety of organic acids, peptides and rich nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It not only provides comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also has a long fertilizer effect. It can increase and update soil organic , promote microbial breeding, and it also can improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity.
1.This production line regards the animal manures and the agriculture waste as the mainly material, it not only turns the waste into treasure, but also protects the environment.
2.The whole organic fertilizer production process is centralized controlled, so this series of fertilizer machines are highly automatic and easy to operate.
3.Both batching system and packing system are controlled by the computer, thus ensuring the precision of material batching and fertilizer packing.
4.It has the high-quality, stable performance, compact process layout, advanced technology, and convenient maintenance.

Working Process of New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1.Fermentation Process
At the beginning of the fermentation, chicken manure about 60% of the material moisture enters the fermentation tank or stacked. The neophilia microorganisms in the compost use soluble and easily degradable organic matter as a source of nutrition and energy, rapidly proliferate, and release thermal energy, which causes the temperature of the compost to rise continuously.
When the material temperature reaches 60 degrees, the compost turner starts to turn the material. During the turning process, the bacteria are fully exposed to oxygen to accelerate the reproduction of bacteria and reduce the moisture of the material.
Until the temperature does not exceed about 50 degrees, stop fermentation and leave it there for 5-7 days, then the fermentation process is finished.
This whole fermentation process is about 20-25 days, but it depends on the condition of the materials and the local temperature.

2.Screening and Crushing Process
The forklift feeds the fermented materials into the forklift feeder, and the forklift feeder uniformly transports the materials to the rotary screen machine through a belt conveyor for screening. Qualified materials enter the granulation link, and unqualified materials enter the vertical crusher for crushing. After crushing, it enters the screen machine for secondary screening.

3.Mixing and Granulation Process
The material enter into mixing machine for mixing with water and then into the stirring teeth granulator, and the powdery material can be made into 1.5mm-6mm granules.

4.Drying and Cooling Process
Drying Process: The granules after granulating enter the dryer for drying. (The heat sources required by the dryer are coal, biomass particles, natural gas, oil, (waste oil, heavy oil, diesel, etc.), electric heating, etc.) Induced heat is introduced into the dryer through the induced draft fan to dry the moisture in the particles to the surface of the particles.
Cooling Process: The granules after the dryer also contains a large amount of moisture, which needs to enter the cooler quickly. The cold air introduced by the induced draft fan quickly cools down and takes away the moisture.

5.Dust Collecting Caused by the fan in the process of drying and cooling process
This process has three steps. The first is the cyclone dust collector, which mainly collect the small dust particles. The second is the dust chamber, which mainly collect the dust. The third is water curtain dust collector also called chimney, which mainly collect the remain dust after the second step.

6. Secondary Screening Process
This process is used to screen the qualified and unqualified granules

7. Secondary Crushing Process
This process is used to crush the unqualified granules, maybe too big or too small, which does not the detailed granule size requirement

8.Secondary Granulation Process
After secondary screening and secondary crushing, then the powder will come to the granulator again to make granules, in this way, all finished granules can meet the detailed size requirements.

9.Packaging Process
The cooled granules enter the rotary screen machine for screening, and qualified granules are transported to packing scale for packaging. Unqualified granules are transported to chain crusher for crushing and then re-granulated.

Main equipment included:

Dynamic batching system
The dynamic batching machine is suitable for the site of continuous batching,such as fertilizer batching and coking batching.These sites have higher requirements on the continuity of the batching,which generally do not allow the intermediate batching to stop,and the requirements for the proportioning of various materials are strict.The dynamic batching system is usually measured by electronic belt scale or nuclear scale,and the host has PID regulation and alarm function,which can realize the automatic control of a warehouse.
Disc feeder machine

The disc feeder machine not only can be used for feeding the raw materials to granulators,but also can be used a mixer to mixing the materials,it has long service life, energy saving, small volume, fast stirring speed and continuous working.
Double roller press granulator
Double roller press granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It uses squeezing principle to form fertilizer particles with diameters of 3-10mm in one time. The shape and size of the ball socket on the roller shell can be customized by customer. Dry type fertilizer Double Roller Granulator has higher granulating ratio of over 95%. With no drying technology, materials will be pressed into ball shape to meet the requirements of compound fertilizer production in Compound Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator.
Screener machine
The rotary screening machine is a new type of self-cleaning screen special equipment after the electric vibrating screener and the ordinary network type roller screen produced by the domestic companies.It is widely applicable to sieving of various solid materials with particle size less than 300mm.It has many characteristics such as high screening efficiency,low noise,small amount of dust,long service life,less maintenance,and its screening capacity is 1t/h-20t/h.
Packing machine
This packing scale is designed for quantitative packaging, It adopts the integrated structure, and has the characteristics of low scale height, compact structure, high efficiency, novel appearance, easy installation and convenient maintenance. The quantitative precision of the system is 2%.

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